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ClocksJuweelco extra service 5 years warranty

A beautiful stylish clock is a beautiful asset and an enrichment of a room. The appropriate clock in your home or office complements the other furniture.

A mechanical clock gives many people a comfortable and homely feeling. A barely heard tick tock with every second and a harmonious melody when striking the elapsed time determine the maximum atmosphere in a home.

You can hear a quality clock ticking, but it is not disturbing. We offer you grandfather clocks, wall clocks and table clocks from modern to classical design, and from quartz to mechanical, all of them are of excellent quality, beautifully designed and finished. We offer German and Swiss clock brands like Hermele, Kienzinger, Jeka, L'Epee, Swiza, Ams but also barometers.

Since 1979 we sell clocks that are often passed on as family heirlooms to the next generation. Our own clock workshop gets a lot of clocks offered from all over the Netherlands for maintenance, repair or restoration.

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