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Facade clocks

Mechanical and electric wall clocks with undeniable love for clockwork precision taken in hand for maintenance and restorations. Juweelco has a wide variety of clientsranging from government institutions, municipalities, corporations, institutions, sportsstadiums, amusement parks, swimming pools, schools, theaters, cinemas and clubs.

The clock technical service center Juweelco allows buildings to decorate them with a wall clock to your specifications with electric clock with a radio-controlled option withscoreboard, temperature or other information. A thorough preparation, extensiveproduct knowledge, the right attitude and think logically Juweelco ensure that the right party is to realize a clock format.

A clock on a wall gives a building a unique face. Therefore, it is required that the clockof high quality, and that the arrangement thereof is carried out with extreme care.Juweelco delivers the correct clock for each facade, of any size or model. Also we may share your clock with lights, so even in the dark your building in the center of attention.If your current or future building would give extra attention, feel free to inquire about the possibilities.

After the introduction of the church bells began in 1386 wealthy people the convenience of a time measurement to see clocks and intrigued the facades of their homes and business premises. Quickly they went the day according to the clockdivide.

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