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Alliance rings

Do you find it pleasant to vary with your jewelry? Then you'll always find something beautiful gems in the Alliance line, infinite expandability, and can combine any color with your clothing.

It is becoming popular several rings together or wear one ring to wear during the day and for special occasions by a combination of a number of rings to get a more luxurious look. Everyone has their own style, so choose the color of the gems and gold. The Alliance jewelry collection offers the ability to ornament your endlessly varying and expanding. At any special event in your life, for instance to put a diamond ring or a slide show there. But there are many more options, including a complete set: ring, oorgoed, necklace and bracelet made ​​of all colors of gold. A jewel that has been carefully chosen and is finally held for life.

The quality of the used diamonds in your jewelry can be found on the certificate. The diamonds set in your jewelry care from legitimate sources and conflict-free zones and therefore in confirmity with the resolutions of the United Nations. The value of diamonds is related to international standards, also called the four C's: Shape (cut), color (color), weight (carat) and clarity.

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