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Juweelco has been blessed through more than 4 decades with good fortune in business particularly due to quality craftsmenship in our atelier. Juweelco offers the largest collection of charms in the country and are available in white, yellow, rosé 14krt or 18krt gold. The craftsmenship stands out and you will always be impressed with your cherished gold charm. This all-time favorite is available in a wide selection of themes, professionl sports, hobby, instruments, tools, pets, animals and much more from conventional to quirky.
A good charm is a great piece of jewelry to wear and the perfect gift that truly captures the personality of the person wearing a gold charm on their necklace or bracelet.
We are located in the city center of The Hague where all the attractive stores are. Our jewelry experts will do their best to accomodate you with all your questions and give you advise when showing the collection.

To this day the jewel has retained something of its magical powers. Many people derive a lot of memories and spiritual support when wearing certain charms. Some athletes and popstars such intervention is always a charm, amulet or cross they wear around their necks before a performance on the field or on stage. The jewel in this case is a bridge between the earthly and heavenly existence. Juweelco manufacturescharms related to all species, hobbies, occupations, vehicles, beliefs and sportsequipment.

The quality & value of gold jewelry is related to international standards & is guaranteed by the Dutch government hallmark.

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