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Jewelry are there to be worn. Only then they come to life. Yet they can, over time some of their luster or brilliance losses. Jewelry care have to clean and optimize theappearance and continue to minimize wear.

To maintain the jewelry is needed to properly treat you long and so much pleasure from it. If you determine that your jewelry is damaged or worn running is important to directly by an expert look at it there. A small early repair could prevent much worse asthe further development of damage, loss of precious or total loss. All servicing will behandled with care and can be carried out at the studio of Juweelco by our team ofqualified goldsmiths.

Consumers are increasingly considering the benefits of repairs, there is currentlyeasier money spent on repairs, particularly of jewelry with a sense of value is nowfaster a high amount spent, because the quality of repair plays the upper hand. The sales staff in our jewelry store brands that the sentimental value of jewelry and watches to consumers is very noticeably increased and therefore a certain amountnow spent on a repair rather than something new. Especially when it comes to a piece from an inheritance or a piece of jewelry that they have received from someone special, choose our customers earlier today for repair or restoration, formerly while a new piece of jewelry was purchased.

Juweelco is your reliable partner and has a thriving studio in the care of all types ofjewelry repairs.

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Juweelco is a jeweler of our time. In all its facets Juweelco get away from themainstream and turn taking new paths with the aim of improvement. A pleasant cooperation with our customers is important that clear agreements and prices for ourself-evident. Added Juweelco guarantees a personal approach in a relaxedatmosphere and excellent service that you as the client is always central. The attention to every detail and the time it takes Juweelco are the cornerstones of our success.Juweelco invites you to come and meet and happy to discuss with you a quote from a repair, restoration or commissioned to produce a gem which a long time dream of.

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