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In a world of fake jewelry with its bad quality and allergy problems, the demand for quality is rising Juweelco demonstrates year for year that gold and gemstone jewelry is still a long way from being done with its evolution. Handmade jewelry has unmistakable charisma and show quite clearly that Juweelco has found its own path to success. There's lots to discover at Juweelco with a good selection of earstuds with diamonds, emerald, ruby, topaz, amethyst just to name a few gemstones, you can choose any gemstone of your preference.
We are excited to help every customer that comes through the doors. You can't help but notice straight away, upon entering our large jewelry store that our collection is very extensive with much more in stock and certainly worth your visit.

The growth of Juweelco is a tribute to our hard work the past four decades. We create earstuds in your preferred material, platinum, yellow, white or rosé gold in 14krt or 18krt. Dazzling diamond earstuds with the size and quality diamond of your choice set in 14krt or 18krt, crafted by passionate goldsmiths that are united in their quest to take the finest materials and fashion them into premium earstuds.
You are welcome to visit our jewelry store to have a relaxed look around and at your convenience our experts will inform and advise you on all you need to know about gemstones and present you our collection.

Diamond jewelry fascinate. They do not least because of the many beautiful facets thatcut this gem to come.

Designers, goldsmiths and diamond setters need of top class to make a beautifuljewel. While they use all their wonderful achievements of crafts. And yes, nowadayseven the most sophisticated machinery and computerized systems used to further increase the quality. But it is and remains primarily craftsmanship and handwork,because that keeps the studio Juweelco fine tradition in, at a time when we have so much cultural heritage and craftsmanship disappear Juweelco is one of the fewdiamond jewelry manufacturer in the Netherlands.

Value and quality of the colored gemstones, diamonds and Dutch goverment hallmarked gold are related to international standards and are found on the certificate. Diamonds in your jewelry are from legitimate origins and conflict-free areas and therefore in confirmity with the resolutions of the United Nations.

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