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Juweelco is a young company founded in 1979 without centuries old history that has managed to successfully establish itself in this very state and traditional industry of diamond jewelry manufacturing. Designing exquisite diamond jewelry had shaped the great reputation of the house at the beginning and continues to shape it today. Classic or modern, the designs of Juweelco all create an aura of luxury and exquisiteness. The creativity takes place thorugh the hands of renowned jewelry artisans who brought majestic diamond jewelry to life.
When you invest in our gemstone jewelry, you'll receive a promise in return. A promise that you receive the most beautiful choice of all gems that are perfectly cut. We help you design the most beautiful ring, bracelet, necklace, earrings with further matching jewelry like a broache or spectacle frame that are one of a kind and made just for you in platinum or gold.
It's easy to see that our team of goldsmiths are passionate about creating stunning jewelry as soon as you entere our store where you can see an extensive collection on display in so many showcases.

Creating fascinating sets of diamond jewelry has been our core business since we founded our manufacturing company in 1979. We artistically explore from and shape, creating distinctive pieces in platinum or gold. With intricate detail we design your ring, necklace, earrings and matching bracelet to your ideas, producing an unusually imaginative set of extravagant beauty.
Go ahead, drop by our jewelry store and meet our gemstone experts that are pleased to bring you up to date with information that gives you the confidence to make the perfect choice when viewing our collection.

Juweelco brings you the mystical beauty of jewelry designs. The enthusiasm of customers inspires us to create new concepts and designs. Our customers want a complete kit to build their individual style to express and to suit their personality and mood. To meet the individual needs of our customer, we have besides our collection the option to design a jewel to the wishes of the customer till every detail that the customer experiences and impresses.

A sparkly ensemble of necklace, bracelet, ring and earrings create a beautiful interplay, but individually they come into their own.

Quality and value of the colored gemstones, diamonds and Dutch government hallmarked gold are related to international standards and are found on the certificate. Diamonds set in your jewelry are from legitimate origins and conflict-free areas and therefore in confirmity with the resolutions of the United Nations.

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