Diamond Lovers

This German based manufacturer is dedicated to creating enchanting and versatile wedding rings. Their continued succes has been established through a reputation of experience and competence. Every piece is handmade by the skilled and experienced artisans. Diamond Lovers promises to offer maximum quality in all shades of 14krt and 18krt gold set with diamonds to achieve the perfect finish. This collection is truly stunning, different and elegant.

But as you plan for the big day don't forget the number one wedding day essential. The wedding band is more than a ring, it's a symbol of loyalty to each other in a life now shared. Diamond Lovers wedding rings are available at exclusive jewelers.

We are pleased to have their collection on offer in our store that is ranging from the classic-ageless to the adventurous avant-garde. We welcome you to our jewelry store where we provide a world of choice with an abundance of exquisite designs.

The quality and value of the diamonds and government hallmarked gold are related to strikt international standards and can be found on the written cerificate.

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