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Juweelco has his own jewelry manufacturing department where every model wedding ring to the wishes of the customer can be produced. Platinum is chosen by acustomer with a large budget as platinum more expensive than gold and symbolic values ​​that platinum jewelry is always pure and processed.

Platinum is the rarest among the precious metals and can not be affected by outside influences. It does not oxidize and is not dull. Platinum is compared to other precious metals extremely hard and has a very high melting point. For these reasons, until more than 100 years to process platinum jewelry, as goldsmiths in the past weredifficult to edit.

Around 800 years before Christ was first found platinum. Only in the mid-18th century, scientists have solved the problem for platinum production. Platinum is never alonebut always with other precious metals in nature. These precious metals are a solidconnection that provides additional difficulties in separating them. This process is time consuming and costly, the process takes three times as much time as gold.

Platinum is mainly in South Afria, Russia and Canada mined.

The quality and value of the diamonds and government hallmarked gold are related to strikt international standards and can be found on the certificate.

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