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Gemstone collection

The overwhelming interest in specialty design that underlies Juweelco an enormous collection of natural gemstones acquired through travel on all continents where thegems are selected on the most beautiful colors, the height of purity and optimal cut.This will optimize the incident light is reflected and creates the most beautiful hues.

To complete this huge collection of gemstones, it is possible to communicate your ideas to translate into beauty, jewelry designs that enchant the eye immediately with unsurpassed personal subtle sense, unimaginable and overwhelming charactershimmer.

A born and personally designed gemstone jewelry is a great experience and unforgettable adventure where our skilled craftsmen gem a source of inspiration and you friendly expert advice.

Since the oldest civilizations speak to the imagination and gems are magical powersattributed to it. It is therefore not surprising that precious stones are used in astrologyand linked to the constellations of the zodiac.

Pearl jewelry is designed for people with a sense of lasting beauty. The diversecollection of loose natural pearls will inspire a beautiful necklace and develops the ability for matching bracelet, ring, brooch and oorgoed, classically styled and sleekwith contemporary accents.

The gift from the sea has a beautiful luster, a soft satin sheen of distinctive quality thatis clearly against any imitation marketing whatsoever. A pearl of high quality uniform shape, smooth with no spots and has a deep luster.

There are many forms, numerous qualities of pearls and the color spectrum ranges from white to pink and even many colors to black. And remember that expensive doesnot always beautiful, because pearl jewelry are available in all price ranges.

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