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Juweelco clock technical service center is housed in a spacious building for the storage of large stocks clocks, parts and where all facilities for our team watch technicians are well established. Our professionals use the latest technology, test equipment and high tech machinery, but also original old machines are well represented for discontinued parts specially manufactured for precious vintage wristwatches and pocket watchesusing traditional craft.

Our service center repairs all brands of watches and does all servicing, repaired quartz and mechanical movements get 1 year warranty.

Juweelco clock technical service center is widely respected for his timepiece restoration, sensitive operations directed by the eye of the master watchmaker.

Many customers send from the Netherlands and abroad their repairs to us. We recommend using micro courier package, a reliable courier service that operates throughout Europe and over the Internet is your package to follow through track & trace. For more information, please refer to the site of

Price estimate

Take your watch and come along to the Juweelco at Korte Poten 30, you can watch one of our specialists at your watch and discuss with you how the repair can be cared forand the expected repair time. The working time, difficulty and features define the price you spot hear. When returning your watch you will receive a receipt with which youshould keep well and need to take when collecting your repaired watch.

You will receive our clock technical service center a postcard that we send to your homeresidence, saying that your watch is repaired and ready for pickup, also mentioned as a reminder of the price. To protect your cherished watch, it is necessary to provide proof of your pick. If your certificate is lost, please call us at +31 70 3455948.

The world is awash with counterfeiting, forgeries and copies. Through hastywindows on sunny beaches, faulty stores abroad and obscure Internet sites, find this type of product demand. How fast is broken and where adequate components are available. The production and sale of fake watches is in the hands of organized crime. For these reasons, we take no repairs of fake watches. How fast is broken and where adequate components are available. The production and sale of nephorloges is in the hands of organized crime. For these reasons, we take no repairs of nephorloges.

The assembled by child labor in fake Rolex watches and fake watches are of poor quality and are fast piece and then you learn that there are no loose parts, so youbecome very disappointed. You feel that despite the low purchase price, the watch is too short suit.

Small Repairs

Our watchmaker can directly take care of many small repairs like taking out links of the watchstrap of your purchased watch.

We stock all sizes batteries for all watch brands and our watchmaker can test, replace the battery and close the watch. Always replace the battery of your watch immediately when it is empty. Empty batteries can leak and destroy the movement.

We offer a wide range of watch straps so that you always can succeed, links can be removed from metal straps or extra holes can be made in leather straps and directly placed on your watch when necessary he can replace the pushpins.

We get too many customers with the request to solve complaints of watches purchased elsewhere. Chain stores, bijou stores, postal order companies and internet sites sell watches but don’t want to adjust watchstraps or solve other problems. Consider this when you buy your next watch.

When a watch is purchased at Juweelco, we will gladly adjust the strap directly, of course free of charge. If you have purchased the watch elsewhere we are willing to take out the links of your watch as service for a fee and you can pick it up after 3 days.

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