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Automatic watch

Automatic watches are mechanical driven clocks with a spring. With an automatic movement, the spring excited by means of a rotor, which swings back and forth whenthe wrist moves. Wheels which are connected with the rotor winds the spring.

It is advisable if the watch has stopped for long, the spring to wind through the crown on the side of the closet to watch a reserve to give your watch to run.

An automatic watch needs a power reserve of at least 36 hours to 48 hours. This is necessary if the watch at night and still is not energized. Then runs on the movementof the reserve by the movement of the wrist has built up during the day. A mechanical watch should be cleaned when the watch is running slightly behind. The cause of this is old thickened oil and dirt as delaying. Watch manufacturers find it advisable usually once every three years to offer your watch for service.

Juweelco advise your watch serviced by every 7 years.

For details see full service.

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