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Diamond setter

The grainen that hold the diamond, his small, almost invisible claws that the gem leastthree clamping points. They must be strong enough to function when the watch is worndaily. At the same time they should not cover more of the stone than the most-essentials.

The diamantzetter removes excess material between the holes with a graveersteker,until only small, rectangular legs standing symmetrically around the holes should be.Then, the stones are carefully placed into the holes that are intended for them, in each case diagonally towards each other bent over around the stone.

When setting diamonds is well taken that the facets are oriented the same directionand the curvatures of the cabinet exactly follow. The upper surface of the stone may not extend above the plane of the cabinet hatching, to the shape of the cabinet not to disturb. The grainen are hand finished and polished smooth.

Lastly, a place where ultrasound cleaning also check that all rocks are indeed stuck in their settling down. The end result of the specialist provides beautiful individual pieces.

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